Hey, my name is Ryan. I’m a Nashville transplant from the never-missed state of Florida. I am known for at least three things – my love of sweets, cats, and quality coffee. I have an unquenched thirst for getting outdoors – particularly in the northwest.
I found my love for photography roughly 13 years ago through an old Minolta film SLR. I didn’t understand much of what I was doing – but I knew what caught my eye. There’s a magic in freezing time, in capsulizing a feeling. I knew what gave me moments of pause.

Pause moments.

This may be the heart of what drives me. When you’ve landed your eyes on a photo that makes you stop – that holds your attention for just a few more seconds, it makes you feel something. It’s that that gives this all some meaning.
When I’m taking photos, I am not looking to be the creative director, or manipulate the honesty in what is. I want to be the wallflower taking it all in, and telling a story through my eyes. My approach could be deemed photojournalistic. But more importantly – I want to show you what everyone else may have missed. If this is in line with what you love too – we just may be a match. If you’re easy going, can go with the flow and have some fun (oh, and let me have some of your cake) then lets talk!

“I’d rather be honest than impressive” – a Pinterest quote